Bronx Foodie: What I Learned at the Bronx Urban Farm Tour (Slideshow)

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[Slideshow: These photos by Adi Talwar are from the last stop of the Urban Farm Tour at Rincon Criollo, 156th Street and Brook Avenue. For more of Adi's photography, check out his website:]

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of visiting one of the stops on the Bronx Urban Farm Tour, the Garden of Happiness, at 182nd Street and Prospect Avenue. The tour – which also stopped at La Finca del Sur at 138th and Grand Concourse and Rincon Criolloa at 156th Street and Brook Avenue – was part of Bronx Week and organized to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Bronx Food Summit, which was held last May. This year's eco-tourism event was organized by The Bronx Tourism Council, the Bronx Food and Sustainability Coalition, and the New York Botanical Garden. They are planning monthly farm tours through out the summer, so stay tuned for more details. You can also visit for updates.

Anyway, here's what I learned:

Bronxites can (and are) raising chickens.

State laws allow residents to have hens (but not roosters) as long as they are kept in clean conditions. The hens at the Garden of Happiness are kept in a chicken coop that allows them to walk around and protects the chickens from the wind and rain. The Garden has about a dozen hens and they all lay eggs in the most beautiful shades of blue and white.

It's easy to compost
I used to think indoor composting was kind of gross because it meant having a bin of dirt and worms somehwere in the house. But Jodie Col

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