Bronx Weekend News Roundup, Monday, May 2

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Welcome back to the program, ladies and gentlemen of the Bronx and beyond. Lots of news to get to, so let's get to it. To the weather!

Weather: Cloudy and cool this morning, high in the mid-60s, with rain expected overnight and tomorrow morning.

Story of the Day: Bronx Homeless Intake Center Opens
Tomorrow, the city is set to open a new, $65.5 million homeless intake center in Melrose, on East 151st Street in the South Bronx. The new center replaces a former one on the same site, which was shuttered five years ago and criticized for being dirty, dangerous and inadequately staffed. Officials from the Department of Homeless Services say that at the old center, a family could wait up to 20 hours to be processed, while the new site predicts wait times of about 6

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