WNYC Maps Stop-And-Frisks, Marijuana Arrests

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WNYC published this map today that shows the number of stop-and-frisk incidents and marijuana arrests by NYPD Precinct.

Reporter Alisa Chang investigated the controversial practice, which is supposed to be used as a tactic by police to crack down on street guns. Many stop-and-frisks, she says, instead often lead to arrests for low-level marijuana possession, predominantly in neighborhoods of color.

Technically, marijuana that's concealed on a person and found during a stop-and-frisk should warrant only a violation-a ticket and a fine. New York State Law says that possessing a small amount of pot is a misdemeanor only when it is smoked or displayed “open to public view.”

Per the map above, nine of the 12 precincts here in the Bronx are among those with the highest number of marijuana arrests in the city, while Precincts 41 and 42 in the South Bronx have some of the highest of stop-and-frisk numbers.

Police say cracking down on small offenses like marijuana possession is effective in bringing down rates of more serious and violent crimes.

Have you ever been stopped and searched by the police in your neighborhood? Share your stories in the comments section.

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