Bronx Adds 52,458 People: Census Data

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The interactive map below, provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, charts the population change in New York. According to Census data collected last year, the Bronx gained 52,458 people over the last 10 years to bring the borough's population total up to 1,385,108, an increase of 3.9 percent.

The Bronx's growth outpaced that of Queens (+0.1%), Brooklyn (+2.1%) and Manhattan (+3.2%). (Totals for Staten Island weren't readily available.)

New York City as a whole saw an increase of 2.1 percent to put the total number of Big Apple residents at 8,175,133.

In reaction to the report, Bronx Congressman Jose E. Serrano said he thinks – no, he's “certain” – the Bronx population wasn't completely accounted for due to the fears and non-participation of the borough's many undocumented residents.

In a press release, Serrano said: “I am pleased to see that New York City is growing including a healthy increase in the numbers of people in the Bronx. I am certain that there was a slight undercount in the Bronx, as there are still many undocumented who are fearful of visits by government officials. I’m also concerned that other areas of our great city were undercounted in the Census, and that this will have an impact on our federal funding going forward.

“That said, the increase in our Bronx community by more than 50,000 people shows that our borough is on the rise and is a desirable place to live and do business.”

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