Three Bronx Supermarkets on Violations List

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William Sloan, an owner of Morton Williams on Jerome Avenue, at a Kingsbridge Armory hearing in 2009. The store was recently named one of the most-fined supermarkets for overcharging consumers. (File photo by Adi Talwar)

Last week, the NY Post published a list of 25 city supermarkets that racked up the highest in violation fines during 2010 from the Department of Consumer Affairs for overcharging customers, failing to properly mark items or using faulty scales to price goods.

Three Bronx markets made the list of worst offenders: a Pathmark in Co-op City, a Pioneer Supermarket in Mott Haven and the Morton Williams on Jerome Avenue in University Heights. All of the stores had over $3,000 in violation fines to their names.

The owners of the the same Morton Williams were a vocal party during the great Kingsbridge Armory debate two years ago, fighting the developer's

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