Rev. Diaz Sr. Links Abortion to Genocide

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The always vocal State Sen. Rev. Ruben Diaz, Sr., is adding more fuel to the ongoing abortion debate, firing off a press release yesterday that called abortion a form of racial genocide.

“The UN’s definition of genocide includes 'measures intended to prevent births within the group,'” Diaz wrote, in the statement he titled “The Truth About Genocide.”

The Rev. cited a recent report from the Dept. of Health which puts the city's abortion rate at 41 percent of pregnancies, with numbers higher in black and Hispanic communities.

“These statistics are staggering,” Diaz continued. “It is nothing less than responsible to use the term genocide to define what is happening to our children’s lives.”

It's not the first time the Senator's used that strong and controversial term-usually reserved to reference the systematic killing of a racial or ethnic group, i.e. the Holocaust or Rwanda-while voicing his pro-life platform. He made similar comments earlier this month, sparking a New York Times opinion column that called his remarks “nutty.”

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