Bronx Building Workers to Vote on Strike

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A union that represents maintenance workers in buildings across the borough will hold a vote today to authorize a strike, if necessary, as it continues to negotiate a contract with the Bronx Realty Advisory Board, which represents the building owners.

The workers already rejected a contract proposal from management last week, saying cuts to health care and retirement benefits were unacceptable. A press release from the union threatened a strike if a contract is not agreed upon by March 15.

The 32BJ SEIU union represents more than 3,000 apartment building employees at over 1,000 residential buildings in the Bronx who work as supers, janitors, doormen, elevator operators and garbage handlers.

Remember the serious garbage pile-up during the Co-Op City workers' strike last summer? That one got dirty (literally). We'll keep you posted on this; the vote is set for this evening at 6:15.

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