Three Days Left to Donate to our Campaign

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There's just three more days left to give to our annual campaign, and so far we've raised $3,338. Over the last couple of days many of you have donated to our campaign and we're really grateful for your support.

But we know there are more of you who read the BxNN blog every day. We know you appreciate having a place to visit on the web that has all the best Bronx news and information in one place. If all of our readers gave just $2 each, we would be well over 50% percent of our goal. If everyone gave $4, we would end our campaign today.

The money that we raise will help us pay for crucial resources, like stipends for our writers, who are often college students and want to be working as journalists after they graduate. The Bronx News Network often gives them their first shot at being a reporter, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Your support will also help us fund our youth journalism program and help us pay for things like notebooks, pens, and digital cameras so that our students can practice their journalism skills.

So please, donate to the Bronx News Network and support our programs in 2011!

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