MS 80 Student Still Missing After Two Months

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By Rachel Sander

Jocelyn Thomas, a 12-year-old student at MS 80 in Norwood, remains missing after two months of searching by police say was last seen on the morning of November 30, 2010. The 12 year old disappeared from M.S. 80 located at 190 East Mosholu Parkway South. The Deputy Commissioner for Public Inquiry confirmed on February 8th that she is still missing. Jocelyn’s grandmother, Mary Thomas, told the Bronx Times in January “I find the lack of urgency in trying to find out what happened very disconcerting.” She adds “It seems like we have become a society where children are not important anymore, whether she ran away or went missing, or has been abducted, she is still just 12 years old.”

However, not all of society has forgotten. There are some community members who have not given up hope. Local pharmacy owner Lynne Zimmerman frequently posts the photos of missing children in the front window of Lesell Pharmacy on the corner of 205 Street and Bainbridge Avenue. She explained that she has been doing this for a number of years and feels it is an important thing to do. Jocelyn’s photo is still posted among the other photos. “People do stop and look,” Zimmerman said. She explains that every one in awhile someone will come in to say they’ve seen one of the missing children. Zimmerman explains, “If it helps save one person than it is definitely worth it.”

If you have any information about Jocelyn Thomas or any other missing child, please contact Missing Persons Bureau at (212) 694-7781.

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