Bronx Crime Watch: Medical Center Burglarized

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Perry Ave. Medical Center was broken into sometime last night (Photos by R. Sander)


A break-in was reported this morning at the Perry Avenue Family Medical Center, on Perry Avenue off of E. 204th Street.

The thief or thieves made off with laptops, security cameras, medical supplies, and $80 to $90 in cash, according to Dr. Kishore Ahuja and his wife, Dr. Rita Ahuja, who have been running the center for the past 30 years and say they've never had any problems before. Sources say the robbery took place sometime last night.

Phone lines at the facility were disconnected, cabinets were smashed, and doors were taken off their hinges. Televisions and desktop computers were not stolen, however, which lead Dr. Rita Ahuja to think that this may have been an act of vandalism by someone holding a grudge, she said.

Police visited the center this morning, and detectives were on their way to investigate, the Ahujas said. The facility will be closed today.

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