One More Bronxite of the Year

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Though the deadline technically passed, we wanted to mention another nominee we received for Bronxite of the Year-when we asked our readers to tell us about members of their communities who made a difference in 2010. If you missed the original post, you can see everyone who was nominated here.

Reader Shoshana Brown e-mailed us a glowing nomination for longtime teacher and Bronx resident Gail Brown.

“She came to the Bronx in the 1980s and lived in Hunts Point,” Shoshana wrote. “She weathered storms of poor landlords and high crime rates to fall in love with a borough that loved her back.”

Brown has spent her decades in the Bronx helping her students succeed, designing youth programs and supporting a number of local groups and organizations. She and her students helped turn an empty lot in the South Bronx into a community garden, Shoshana said.

“Gail Brown is a Bronxite that is committed to the community and to creating a world that is safer, positive, and healthy for all people. She sees challenges and takes steps to address them,” she wrote.

Thanks again to everyone who sent in their suggestions!

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