Naomi Rivera To Face Primary Opponent

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Photobucket Robert Giuffre sent out a press release last night saying that Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera's (and lawyer Stanley Schlein's) objections against his petition signatures had been officially dropped.

Emotions ran high during a three-day courtroom battle, said Giuffre, a 27-year-old John Jay College graduate and a Morris Park resident.

He added:

I know it is hard to believe, but I was more peeved about the awful ballot access process than my own individual campaign. I admit I probably would never have cared this much about the issue if I weren't personally involved, but the process is obviously intended to keep outsiders away from mounting challenges. Although I made the ballot – eventually – many people who would of made good candidates did not, and that is wrong. Marcy Gross, Irene Estrada, and Julio Munoz [other potential Democratic primary candidates in the 80th District] all did not make it to the official ballot – and they all are excellent, qualified candidates. Even though insiders exposed to the process understandably accept the reality for what it is, the ballot access process in New York needs to change.

Gross, for one, was furious about getting kicked off. You can read about her experiences here.

PHOTO: Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera

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