MTA Cut-backs in the Bronx

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The June 27 reductions of MTA services are leaving commuters from all five borrows unprepared to deal with the restructuring of subway and bus lines.

In the Bronx, a substantial reduction of bus services has affected many commuters' familiar routine, specifically for riders of the Bx20 and Bx34. The MTA is also proposing additional cuts to subway booths and kiosks in the Bronx as they prepare to lay off numerous station agents.

These cuts in services by the MTA greatly affect commuters who do not use unlimited Metrocards, and are now possibly facing fare hikes of 100%.

As part of the MTA's reductions, the Bx20 is discontinuing service during off-peak hours and the Bx34 will no longer offer weekend or overnight service.

Prior to the June 27 MTA reductions, four Manhattan bound subway station booths and kiosks were closed in the Bronx as part of a city-wide layoff of subway station agents.

Since mid-May, the Manhattan bound 149 St-3rd Ave and 174 St stops of the 2 and 5 trains, the 161 St-Yankee Stadium stop of the 4, B and D trains and the East 149 St stop of the 6 train have all been closed.

On July 13 and 14 the MTA is holding public hearings on the proposed permanent elimination of all four of these station booths and kiosks.

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