Online Now: July's Mount Hope Monitor

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The latest edition of the Mount Hope Monitor is out on the streets and up on the Web. Stories include:

Roberto Clemente’s Pools Closed for Second Straight Year
There’s no relief in sight for Morris Heights residents looking to cool off this summer—for the second year in a row. While most public pools opened at the end of June, swimmers at Roberto Clemente State Park will have to go elsewhere. The park’s three pools—a wading area, diving tank and Olympic-sized main pool—are still undergoing renovation.

At PS 226: ‘Yes, We Can!’
President Obama’s poll numbers may be slipping, but the man – and his words – still resonate strongly at PS 226, an elementary school on Sedgwick Avenue. Students and teachers there recently unveiled a mural of America’s 44th President, whose face is set against a backdrop of the national flag and the text from his famous “Yes We Can” speech.

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