Bronx Commuters Affected by MTA Service Reduction

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The June 27 reduction of MTA services has left commuters from all five borrows unprepared for the restructuring of subway and bus lines. The restructuring, which is planned to save the MTA $100 million, is part of an attempt to balance their $800 million deficit by year's end.

In the Bronx, where no changes were made to subway lines, a substantial reduction of bus services has affected many commuters' familiar routine, specifically for riders of the Bx20 and Bx34 who do not use unlimited Metrocards, and are now facing fare hikes of 100%.

As part of the MTA's reductions, the Bx20 is discontinuing service during off-peak hours and the Bx34 will no longer offer weekend or overnight service.

Thus, Riverdale commuters who would normally pay one fare to ride the Bx20 and transfer to the A train are now forced, during off-peak hours to pay an additional fare because they must take the Bx10 to the Bx7 then pay again to transfer onto the A train.

Also, Woodlawn commuters, who before June 27, would pay one fair to ride the Bx34 to the 4 train now must take the Bx31 to the Bx16 and pay an another transfer fare to ride the 4 train. In addition to commuters' fare hikes, there will no longer be any overnight bus service to the 4 train.

In response to fare increases for Bronx commuters, Assemblyman Jefferey Dinowitz wrote a letter to the MTA this week with his own proposed solution.

Hoping to keep commuters' costs similar to their previous amount, Assemblyman Dinowitz asked the MTA to issue electronic paper transfer cards for riders of the Bx7 and Bx16 so they can transfer to the A and 4 trains free of charge.

“It was bad enough that the MTA board – whose members are appointed by Governor Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg – unanimously voted to curtail service on the Bronx 20 and 34 buses. It’s outrageous that they have added insult to injury by doubling the transportation costs of some commuters. This must change,” said Assemblyman Dinowitz.

Below are all of the Bronx bus route changes and restructuring as of June 27, according to the MTA website:

Discontinued Routes

• Bx14, Bx25: service will be discontinued with alternate service provided partially by other routes.
• Bx34: weekend and overnight service will be discontinued.
• Bx20: off-peak and Saturday service will be discontinued.
• Bx17, Bx32 and Bx33: late night service will end earlier and/or early morning service will begin later.
• Bx41 service will be discontinued north of Gun Hill Rd and replaced by an extended Bx39 to E 241 St.
• Bx55: night and weekend service will be discontinued. Extra service will be added to the Bx15.
• Barretto Park Pool Shuttle: all service will be discontinued.
• All Bx14 service will be discontinued.

Extended/Rerouted Routes:

• Bx8 service will be rerouted off of Crosby Av to follow Stadium Av, Research Av, Ampere Av, Kennelworth Place and Jarvis Av, providing an alternative to the eliminated Bx14. Bx8 service will then follow the Bruckner Blvd Service Rd to the Pelham Bay Park 6 station. The Bx8 will then follow Westchester Av to Williamsbridge Rd.
• Bx5 service will be rerouted off of Bruckner Blvd to Crosby Av, providing a replacement to the rerouted Bx8.
• Bx25/Bx26/Bx28/Bx30 service will be restructured: Bx25 and Bx26 service will be combined into the Bx26 and rerouted.
• Bx28 service will be split into the Bx28 and Bx38.

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