Bronx News Roundup, June 30

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Last roundup for June. It's been a long, crazy month. Or is that just me? In any case, the news:

18-year-old Erik Zeidler, a recent Bronx Science grad and Young Naturalist Award winner, is studying the turtles of the Bronx River this summer before heading off to college in Kansas. Had to include this quote from Zeidler about his affinity for turtles and other reptiles, courtesy of the NY Times:

“I don’t have many friends into this kind of stuff, and some of them think I’m strange, but I have a girlfriend and I used to wrestle in high school and I love hanging out and playing sports; it’s just that I enjoy being around reptiles.”

A couple of doctors from Montefiore Medical Center's Sleep-Wake Disorder Center answer questions about getting a good night's sleep.

Bronx 12-year-old Justus Williams, a budding chess master, is heading to Greece for an international chess tournament.

Here's some broadcast coverage of the groundbreaking ceremony at Heritage Field, which will sit on top of the old Yankee Stadium lot.

An interesting story about Benjy Melendez, the founder of the Ghetto Brothers Bronx street gang, who discovered Judaism.

Former St. Raymond's hoops star Omari Lawrence is transferring from St. John's to Kansas St.

The Daily News has the accusatory mailer assembly candidate Luis Sepulveda is sending out about his opponent and the incumbent, Peter Rivera, who Sepulveda says is misusing campaign funds.

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