Diaz, Parker Battle in the Senate Chambers

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State Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz, Sr., sent out a press release this morning to “set the record straight” about his very public argument with fellow Senator Kevin Parker, of Brooklyn.

The two exchanged heated words in the Senate chamber yesterday when Diaz planned to vote against a democrat-backed bill. He claims Parker threatened him verbally-using a colorful obscenity to do so.

“As I stated last night Senator Parker was saying eff this, eff that. In front of the ladies,” Diaz said in a statement. “It's uncalled for. If I want to vote no on something, nobody is going to tell me to eff me. What are we, babies?”

Parker responded in turn by dropping in on the Capitol press room this afternoon to announce that he wouldn't apologize to Diaz, according to the Daily News.

He called Diaz's behavior “irrational” and “crazy,” according to the article, and told reporters that Diaz should be the one to apologize, “Not just today, but for the eight years that he’s been here.”

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