100 Hundred Years Young at St. Patrick's

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Local Centennian's receiving gifts in celebration of their 100 years of life at St. Patrick's Home on Tuesday.

This afternoon, St. Patrick's Home for the Aged and Infirmed, located right off of Mosholu Parkway, celebrated the lives of 13 residents who either turned triple digits or have surged right past the century mark.

The celebration included a review of all of the historic events over the past 100 years, lively Irish step dancing and a presentation of gifts by family members and friends.

The residents celebrating over 100 years of age included: Rose Paladino, Anna Benson (103), Anna Roorra (102), Elizabeth Kioski, Josefine Diesto, Louise Erto, Theresa Verna, Mary Leech, Mary Turner (101), Mildred Davis, Nora Roach, John Burns and Bridget McCahill (100).

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