Rasta Afternoon at Monte

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The Fingees in the courtyard at Montefiore Hospital.

Monday afternoon felt more like happy hour at a Jamaican resort than lunchtime in the courtyard at Montefiore Medical Center.

As part of a weekly Summer Concert series (on Mondays), Bronx reggae band, The Fingees, performed for a moderate crowd of Montefiore employees under a ceaseless summer sun.

As hospital employees enjoyed their lunchtime meals, The Fingees set a relaxing Caribbean atmosphere, adding to the already tropical weather. Playing two sets of three songs each over half an hour, The Fingees were a pleasant surprise for an afternoon work break.

The Fingees are comparable to the Wailer-esque “island sound,” but with an added Bronx edginess. Imagine if Bob Marley grew up near the Grand Concourse instead of Trenchtown.

The newly finished courtyard and ongoing programming is part of an effort to utilize outdoor space and create a more campus-like environment throughout the three Montefiore hospitals, according to Monte President Dr. Steven M. Safyer, MD.

The courtyard, which is now providing musical acts every Monday afternoon throughout the summer is on track to providing the type of atmosphere Safyer is aiming for. A recent article in the Norwood News by Jordan Moss features a more in-depth look at the courtyard's construction at Montefiore. The article can be found HERE.

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