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In response to a an “unsatisfactory” loan modification offer by Bank of America on May 20, a crowd of about 50 supporters from the New Day Church and the Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition gathered behind Bronx homeowner Edda Lopez outside of the bank's Manhattan headquarters in an effort to pressure the bank to reevaluate Lopez's sub-prime loan and, hopefully, save her house.

Lopez, who is now widowed, disabled and unemployed, is trying desperately to hang on to her house, which is not only her home, but a vital source of income (she rents out rooms in her house). Despite several efforts to refinance and modify her loan to make it affordable, Bank of America recently told Lopez her home would be put up for auction and that she would be forced to vacate the premises.

Instead of allowing Lopez to go homeless, a community protest was held outside of the Bank of America branch on Fordham Road on May 20. Bank of America, in turn, postponed the auction of Lopez's home to June 28 and came up with final loan modification.

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