Countdown to the Bronx International Film Festival: June 17-19

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The Bronx News Network is co-sponsoring the Bronx International Film festival, which starts on Thursday, June 17 and runs through Saturday, June 19, at Lehman College. In the run-up to the festival, we're going to post previews to some of the featured movies.

Below is the trailer for “Defin” (or “The Burial”), a narrative short film from Turkey that will air on Saturday night.

Here's a short synopsis, provided by the festival operators:

“The Burial Defin” is the story of two brothers who have a bond stronger than blood. The legend starts in the 50s, in a dark unknown place where two merciless gangsters (Tarik and Kenan) fall in love with the same girl. And it resolves with the murder the girl (Selma). Upon this, the brothers leave the town and the ones who know the real story keep their silence for years as the story turns into an urban myth. Until 20 years later, same two men appear and start inquiring the past. Now nobody is safe. Like every deadly secret, there is a time when somebody has to pay.

Defin from Goksel Ergene on Vimeo.

For more trailers and details about the Bronx International Film Festival, click here.

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