SHIFTING WINDS: A NEW NEW ORLEANS City Limits Investigates looks at what kind of city is emerging three years after Katrina.

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As chroniclers of critical urban issues we felt the third anniversary of Katrina could not pass without our taking a close look at the current state of affairs in the crescent city.

In this issue, Mike Longman and Jarrett Murphy report on how a variety of redevelopment efforts are shaping New Orleans and how the efforts of the city, state and feds collide with, empower or frustrate individual and community based initiatives.

This issue tries to get at just what kind of city is being made, whose interests are protected or neglected and what forces will determine the character of the “new” New Orleans. We hope you find this reporting compelling and that you will subscribe to CLI and support our ongoing work.

In each quarterly issue, we examine in depth one pressing topic of importance to New York City and by extension cities all across the United States.City Limits Investigates aims to change the conversation around urban issues by providing unique, and uniquely useful, information to policymakers, decision-makers and citizens. Upcoming issues will look at how well campaign finance is working at the municipal level and the future of public housing in New York.

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