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Your recent article about Internet access in public libraries mischaracterized the policies of The New York Public Library. Internet usage is available equally to everyone, including homeless individuals who don’t have a library card or permanent address. Anyone without a library card may ask for a “guest pass” which will provide access to the Internet under the same terms as library card holders.


Mary Frances Cooper
Deputy Director for Public Services, The Branch Libraries
The New York Public Library

City Limits responds: We are pleased to learn that the guest pass provision applies to homeless people without a fixed address. In reporting this story, we spoke with homeless individuals, advocates, and staffers at individual libraries, none of whom were aware of this option. We regret the error, and are gratified that this exchange clarifies the library’s policy.

Clarification: Residential Management Associates, the company described in “Holy Headache: Tenants Ask Church to Save Their Housing” [3/7/06] is not the same company as Rental & Management Associates, a Bronx-based housing firm also known as RMA.

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