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Now you can kill your television–and then recycle it. The City Council’s Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management held a hearing last week on legislation that would require manufacturers to take back their own electronic waste. Major companies like Sony and Apple would be fully responsible for the collection, management, disposal, and salvaging of electronic equipment, such as televisions and computers. Manufacturers who salvage working items for charity would receive double credit towards meeting performance standards. “The largest growing component of waste right now is electronic waste,” said Councilmember Michael McMahon, who chairs the committee. “Our society is in the information age but our dealing with electronic waste is way back in the dinosaur age.” If Intro 643 passes, manufacturers will have two months to submit plans outlining how they will meet its requirements. Those who don’t comply will face stiff penalties, and could potentially be barred from doing business in the city. Although the bill probably won’t be up for a vote until next year, the Sanitation committee did pass another manufacturer take-back recycling program last Monday, requiring New Yorkers to recycle dead batteries at the stores where they were bought and imposing a $50 penalty on anyone caught throwing them in the trash. The full council will most likely vote on the bill in early November. (B. Farrell) [10/31/05]

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