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Afghan women immigrants put their lives on display in a new exhibit that opened last week at the Queens Museum of Art in Flushing. Unseenamerica: Beyond the Window, an exhibit of 38 black and white photographs by Afghan women living in Queens is the culmination of a photography class sponsored by Bread and Roses Cultural Project, an arts organization affiliated with Local 1199. Meeting once a week since February at Women for Afghan Women, a human rights organization, the group was taught by Margaret Keady, art director for City Limits magazine. She schooled the women on basic technique—light, perspective and composition—and gave specific art assignments for homework. The resulting body of work on display until Nov. 24 captures scenes of ritual and ceremony, still frames of study and labor, portraits of couples and animals, and vignettes of cityscape and nature. They also reveal the struggles of Afghan women living in New York. The caption to the only photo signed “Anonymous” reads: “This talented photographer shot most of her pictures out of a window of her apartment. Halfway through her unseen photography and ESL classes her husband demanded that she stop attending and she obeyed.” (T. Adams) [10/31/05]

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