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These days, everyone wants a piece of the blogging action–including New York’s political hot shots and policy gurus. City Limits takes you on a quick tour of the scene.

A smart, insider–and occasionally sly–view of Gotham’s political scene, the New York Observer‘s standard-setting blog also trolls local publications to highlight relevant stories that would otherwise be lost in the mix.

This recent addition to the scene, from Newsday gives the Politicker a run for its money with original reporting from the newspaper’s staff (including former CL editor Glenn Thrush) in addition to the regular commentary-style fare.

After a belated launch, this discussion group from the venerable anti-poverty Community Service Society of New York has a lineup of heavy-hitting community activists and advocates ready to debate current policy issues. And it takes comments from the peanut gallery.

Updated daily, this digest from the progressive Drum Major Institute highlights national news stories relevant to New York liberals, particularly those with an economic or social-justice orientation.

Off the CUF
Boasting well-written ruminations on local policy successes and failures, this regularly updated feature on the homepage of the Center for an Urban Future (CL‘s sister organization) provides timely analysis and valuable context to current developments in policy and politics.

The Daily Gotham
A one-stop blog shop featuring nearly constant updates from its readers, this city-politics-oriented site also boasts digests of a broad swath of city news organizations’ blogs.

Not interested in blog fare? Check out these two sites focused on New York: the Gotham Gazette Eye Opener, for the solidly civic-minded, and the Working Families Party’s Bacon and Eggs–hands-down the city’s best news digest for current-events-minded progressives.

Direct links at www.citylimits.org!

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