Between the Sheets

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Hustler, playboy and jugs have got some competition brewing: $pread, a new trade magazine for workers in the sex business. That includes strippers, erotic masseurs, call girls, dominatrixes, rent boys and–judging from the performances at the rag’s launch party–transvestites sporting lank hair, fulsome faux breasts and bare phalluses. Heavily pro-sex and keen on legalizing prostitution, the magazine includes tips for workers and clients (“Present the money up front, but nonchalantly”) and news updates about sex work around the globe. The magazine does its grassroots best to explore the pros of sex work (flexible hours, potential for high pay) while giving a nod to the cons (violence, disease, social stigma). $pread‘s illustration-heavy, black-and-white pages might disappoint the occasional misled porn connosieur who picks it up, but they’ll at least get a glimpse of one thing they probably haven’t seen before: sex workers’ frank accounts of their jobs.

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