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FYI: Latinos are more supportive of public education and teachers than either whites or African Americans, though they still believe their kids’ troubles stem from the schools’ linguistic and cultural deficiencies. The Pew Hispanic Center and the Kaiser Family Foundation’s second annual survey of national Latino attitudes on education and public policy found 63 percent or respondents rank the schools in their communities as above average and the majority, 52 percent, say the same about the nation overall. Only 26 percent of whites and 36 percent of blacks rank the nation’s schools as above average. Overall, the study found Latinos “willing participants” in the current wave of school reforms. Strikingly, however, 87 percent of Latino respondents did not know about the 2001 education reform law—keeping them on par with whites and blacks, among which 81 percent and 85 percent respectively were not familiar with the No Child Left Behind Act. [1/27/04]

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