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FYI: A Department of Health and Department of Education official told a packed hall of teens, parents and advocates last night that it will take at least another year before city schools even have a plan to get in compliance with a years’ old state mandate for teaching sexual health. A series of reports, most recently from the New York AIDS Coalition last week, have found a widespread failure to implement the mandate, at all grade levels and throughout the city. Dozens of students testified at the public forum last night to having never received any information about HIV prevention at school. While acknowledging the problem, Roger Platt—who is charged with coordinating efforts between DOH and DOE to get in compliance—said the dearth of certified public health instructors prevents immediate action. Assemblymember Scott Stringer, whose office issued a report this summer showing 63 percent of city districts out of compliance, said the Assembly will hold hearings on the matter on February 5. [1/15/03]

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