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FYI: Sixteen states around the country have set up waiting lists for their AIDS drug insurance programs so far this year, and another five states anticipate creating some sort of program restrictions before the end of the fiscal year, according to the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors. AIDS Drug Assistance Programs are federally-funded, state-run programs that subsidize meds for people with HIV who neither qualify for Medicaid nor have adequate private insurance. New York’s ADAP is not among the states with waiting lists, but in January state officials set up relatively minor cost controls–such as more rigid requirements for the use of generic drugs–and warned of the potential for more drastic measures. Advocates and local governments here and around the country complain that Washington continues to under-fund the program, even as demand and drug costs skyrocket. Check out Jill Grossman’s examination of the potential crisis for New York’s ADAP in the City Limits archives. [11/4/03]

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