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FYI: Advocates are complaining that while the IRS is asking for $100 million to prevent what it believes is widespread fraud in the Earned Income Tax Credit it has still not moved to translate key tax filing documents into Spanish and other languages for those with limited English skills. In a letter sent to the agency today, the National Women’s Law Center asks for translations of the 1040 schedules and instructions, the W-2 and W-4 forms, and documents needed for the EITC. The letter cites a Treasury Department study released earlier this month that also urges the IRS to expedite an ongoing process of translating basic information. Prompted by a 2000 Executive Order, the agency has begun taking a number of steps to help those with limited English proficiency file taxes correctly. But the Treasury notes this effort has produced translations of only 16 of 58 documents identified as essential to the filing process. [9/4/03]

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