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FYI: The Federal Communications Commission has suspended the onset of its new “no-fax” rule until January 1, 2005. The FCC wants to bar all companies, nonprofits included, from sending fax advertisements without getting explicit prior permission. The new rule would repeal the current exemption allowing companies to send faxes to colleagues with whom they have an “established business relationship,” such as members or coalition partners. The Independent Sector, a think tank dealing with the nonprofit industry, had lobbied heavily against the rule, arguing that it needs to be more narrowly written. As is, it would block nonprofits from sending items like membership renewal or solicitation forms, announcements for events with registration fees, or newsletters with advertisements, without getting advance permission. The rule was set to take effect August 25, but the FCC agreed last week to suspend the repeal of the “established business relationship” exemption and give the matter further consideration. [8/28/03]

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