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FYI: Nearly half of New York’s nonprofit executive directors plan to leave their jobs in the next five years, but 57 percent lead organizations that don’t offer professional development programs for new leaders, according to preliminary results of a study of United Way of New York City grantees by Baruch College researchers. And there’s a stark divide between rich and poor: Most heads of groups with revenues above the median strongly support training for staff, seeing it as a valuable way to recruit and retain talent. But most heads of groups with revenues below the median see training as just the opposite–a luxury that will only serve to make their employees mobile enough to leave. Funded by the Clark Foundation and United Way, the study held focus groups with EDs and the managers they identified as future leaders last spring, then surveyed around 600 directors and up and comers this spring. The preliminary results contain tons of interesting nuggets (i.e., EDs are 52 percent male and 60 percent white; up and comers are 73 percent female and 52 percent nonwhite), but the final won’t be ready until fall. [6/10/03]

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