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FYI: The city’s Community Boards have fallen far behind the technology curve, a new City Council report says, but are making quick progress on catching up. Last October, the Council’s Committee on Technology in Government surveyed the city’s 59 Community Boards to find out what kind of technological infrastructure they had. The answer was not much. Nineteen of the CBs have no Internet access at all; 22 used slow dial-up connections. By late January, however, the mayor’s technology initiative had sprung into action: 50 of the CBs had broadband connections, and only four had no connection at all. Moreover, nearly half of the CBs got their connection for free through an agreement between the city and local cable companies. Next step: getting modern computers. Most CBs use machines as much as a decade old; Staten Island’s Community Board 3 uses a computer from the 1980s. [3/25/03]

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