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FYI: Governor Pataki’s perspective on the looming budget gap is clear: There can be no “job-killing taxes.” Rather, New York must be “the tax-cutting capital of America,” as he explained in yesterday’s State of the State, excerpted in the City Limits Research Center. After going on at length about security and unity as New York’s best weapon against the economic downturn, the governor said the state should rely on tax cuts and high tech recruitment to spur job growth. Exactly what his tax plan will look like he would not say, but Pataki pledged that no part of his budget–to be released January 29–will boost spending … except, of course, for security. Ominously for Mayor Bloomberg, Pataki didn’t make a peep on the host of suggestions the mayor has floated on how Albany can help New York City with its own budget crisis. But Pataki has never been considered the city’s champion, as the Center for Urban Future detailed in a report last spring. [1/9/03]

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