One minor party that’s already been counted out is saying not so fast. Leaders of the Green Party say they still have a slim chance of getting the 50,000 votes needed to stay on the ballot in New York. According to their candidate for governor, CUNY labor professor Stanley Aronowitz, the Greens won 40,534 votes in Tuesday’s elections, with paper and absentee ballots still coming in and a machine recount in progress.

They are so determined that even if they don’t make the 50,000 mark, party Chair Mark Dunlea said, the Greens will file a lawsuit “for basic denial of our political rights.”

Whatever happens, Aronowitz says his party doesn’t plan on disappearing; it will just have to work harder to get on the ballot through a costly petitioning process. Aronowitz wouldn’t say if he will run again, but did declare, “I won’t stop fighting for the issues we stood for in this campaign.”