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High-tech hotshots have made a bundle during the boom, and now they’re giving it away. But not for free. In the April issue of City Limits, on newsstands and online soon, writer Clive Thompson takes us inside some businesses of social change for a preview of how the MBA mentality of venture philanthropy could alter the industry.

Also in this issue, a health clinic in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, founded to treat patients with nowhere else to go now faces a health crisis of its own: Medicaid managed care. To survive, it has to seduce paying customers, without leaving the neighborhood behind…. In the Bronx, residents of the Beekman houses have been getting the runaround on a visionary plan to control their own homes. Now, with the federal housing department under new leadership, they fear their plans could be dashed for good.

…Out-of-work immigrants struggle through the state’s entangled, and untranslated, system of unemployment benefits…. Mentally ill people well enough to enjoy life on their own in private apartments learn the hard way that they are not immune to the pressures of a booming real estate market.

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