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Jeffrey Dunston has taken the helm of Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where he was associate director up until four years ago. He also remains president of the Central Brooklyn Neighborhood Employment Center, a local job placement organization–the two groups are merging.

Franz Leichter, the lefty ex-state Senator from the upper West Side, was just appointed to the Federal Housing Finance Board, which oversees the federal home loan banks-the $600 billion banking system that provides loan money for mortgages on affordable housing and spent about $200 million on community development last year. It’s a special recess appointment, meaning that Leichter won’t have to be confirmed by the Senate-and suffer the slings, arrows and appointment-stalling tactics of Senate Banking Chair Phil Gramm.

Rocky Mitchell resigned from the presidency of Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation on August 4. The organization, which manages housing, underwrites small businesses, and provides classes and skills training for Bed-Stuy residents, has suffered from red ink and bitter labor/management conflicts.

Outgoing Housing and Preservation Department commissioner Richard Roberts managed to put in one last good word for himself after leaving for the private sector-and even got the city to pay for it. Roberts sent out a cheery mass mailing in early August introducing himself in his new role as president of the Urban Investment Group at Goldman Sachs, in which he hoped “that I will continue to cross paths with many of you both professionally and personally.” But even though the letter was dated three weeks after Roberts left the city–and on his own personal letterhead–it was mailed at taxpayer expense, in an official HPD envelope.

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