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Last week brought tough news to some of the Queens alternative high school seniors who had to take surprise Regents exams: more summer school.

As City Limits reported three weeks ago, these two alternative schools were allowed to exempt their students from the statewide Regents exams. But when they applied to become charter schools, they unwittingly revoked that right. Horrified seniors found out only weeks beforehand that they would be required to pass the June tests in order to graduate.

At International High School in Long Island City, 14 of the 85 kids failed, meaning that they can’t graduate from high school. That’s even though 13 of them had already been admitted to schools like the College of Aeronautics, John Jay College of Criminal Jusice and Brooklyn College. These students will spend the next six weeks hitting the books, and will re-take the tests in mid August. At Middle College High School, all who took the reading and writing tests passed.

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