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Although tomorrow’s City Council committee meeting will be the first time anyone’s seen the current version of Councilman Stephen DiBrienza’s transitional jobs bill, the battle lines have already been drawn over his plan to create 10,000 temporary jobs for welfare recipients.

This time, it’s not only politics at play–it’s also legal maneuverings. The bill, which sets up a latter-day public works program, has already won a nasty editorial in the Daily News. But Speaker Peter Vallone supports it, so the council is expected to pass the bill and probably override a mayoral veto.

Bring on the lawyers and the masters of minutia. The bill’s backers fully expect the mayor to veto the bill and go to court to block it if the council overrides it. DiBrienza said his team is now going “section by section to put the bill in the best, tightest, most sophisticated language.”

That way, said DiBrienza, the mayor will have to veto the bill on its merits, not on technical flaws. And if the mayor sues, a judge is much less likely to throw out an airtight bill.

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