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In his struggle to overcome Eliot Spitzer’s 26,011-vote lead, Attorney General Dennis Vacco announced last week that when he ran credit checks on New York City voters, some 103,000 of them had no credit history at all.

Vacco cried fraud, claiming that registered voters without any credit record must be fakes. But perhaps Vacco himself could use a little check.

As every low-income housing manager knows, a small but significant percentage of all low-income tenants have no credit. Quick calls to property managers at three big Bronx low-income housing groups confirmed it: they estimated that between 5 and 30 percent of their tenants had no credit record.

Together, the three managers, Mid-Bronx Senior Citizen’s Council, Evergreen Management and MBD, oversee about 3,000 units of low-income housing. That means up to 1,000 creditless tenants live in these their buildings alone. With 302,000 rent-subsidized households in New York City, the low-ball estimate yields about 20,000 potentially creditless voters.

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