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Amid plastic yellow construction hats, empty wine bottles and a three piece jazz band, the Mosholu Preservation Corporation (MPC) celebrated their new home and the tenth anniversary of the community paper they started, the Norwood News. Although the Reservoir Keeper's House in Oval Park, built in 1889, still has plywood floors and needs renovation, a process that MPC President Dart Westphal said would take about a year and cost approximately $300,000, community members are excited about having a new meeting place.

“We have noticed as a small church that there is not very much public meeting space in the neighborhood, and I was delighted to hear this would be free space for community groups,” said Ruth Wenger, pastor of the North Bronx Mennonite Church.

The three-story building, originally a reservoir-keeper's home, will house both the MPC and Norwood News. Another floor will be leased to the Mosholu Montefiore Community Center for its Summer Youth Employment Program.

Between applause, photo ops, and kudos from local pols, Norwood News editor Jordan Moss and others spoke about Moshulu's influence and role in community life. “You really have an impact, because you're following that story at every step,” said Moss, a regular contributor to City Limits. “The city agencies and government officials know that we're not going away until the issue is resolved.”

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