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Is navigating the dizzying world of Albany politics really all that different from running a theme park? Ask Joe Montalto. Earlier this month, the former state senator from Bay Ridge traded in his job with state Senate Minority Leader Martin Connor to run Rye Playland.

Elisa Parrish recently traded in her bean-counting job with the city Office of Management and Budget for the power-player role of chief of staff to Rudy’s Number Two, Deputy Mayor Randy Mastro.

When Ann O’Rielly first started tracking the goings-on inside the Administration for Children’s Services, she was part of a court-appointed panel. Later O’Rielly got a better view as assistant commissioner in charge of finding foster placements. Now, about a year into the job, she’s called it quits.

And for Scott Sommer, membership to the United Auto Workers has its privileges–employment. Sommer just left Brooklyn Legal Services to become an international rep at UAW where he has been paying his dues since 1985. No word on whether he knows anything about cars.

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