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It’s a crime if Mayor Giuliani rides the crime issue to an easy re-election–this according to the readership of City Limits Fax Weekly.

While more than half of the readers who returned our July 7 survey think crime is the single issue that will dominate the this fall’s mayoral campaign, nearly as many–41 percent–think education should instead be at the top of the candidates’ debate list. One-third thought affordable housing was most important, and welfare and jobs tied for third.

Our readers also slammed the major newspapers and television stations for what they consider lousy city coverage. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said the larger media cover the city either “Pretty badly” or “Not well at all.”

With all due modesty, City Limits ranks a lot higher. Of the Weekly’s more than 2,000 fax and e-mail subscribers, 142 have sent back their replies so far. And most of them–that is, you–say we’re doing a good or great job. Three-quarters said they read our bulletin every week, and only a handful (a dozen, actually) thought the Weekly wasn’t useful. Best yet, our rating for accuracy was a big, fat 75 percent.

Of course, some folks don’t agree. “Your reporters never cover both sides of an issue! Not at all accurate!” wrote Renelda Higgins, chief press secretary at the city’s Human Resources Administration. Most readers, however, had kinder things to say. “You’re doing a good job!” wrote radio and TV commentator Lynn Samuels. “I think it’s an invaluable resource,” said Carol Marsh. A few others: “City Limits is refreshing and informative and fills a critical gap” (Jack Doyle). “I can’t imagine how NYC would be without you!” (Joan McAllister).

Well, you get the idea.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond.

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