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Chris Lynn is the Wizard of Odd when it comes to talking about Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messinger behind her back.

In the moments before a February 13 mayoral briefing, the city’s transportation commissioner was telling colleagues about a recent hallway encounter between Messinger and his friend Councilman Antonio Pagan.

Messinger, Lynn reported in a voice loud enough to be heard clearly on press row, said “Hi, Tony” as she whisked past Pagan. The stocky councilman, who plans to run for the Beep post this fall when Messinger leaves to run for mayor, responded with “Hello, Margaret.”

According to Lynn, a puzzled Messinger asked why she had been called Margaret. Pagan then offered the following explanation: “It’s because you’ve always reminded me of Margaret Hamilton. You know, she played the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz.”

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