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The New York City Economic Development Corporation has proposed rezoning parts of Inwood, but is still discussing the proposal with community members.



Will Rezoning Cause or Resist Displacement? Data Paints an Incomplete Picture

Some community groups fear that rezonings will force low-income residents out. City Hall says rezonings are needed to prevent further loss of affordability. Amid a lack of clear evidence, any risks of the de Blasio rezonings will be borne primarily by low-income communities of color.

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De Blasio Admin. Opens Door to Community Land Trusts

Responding to advocates who believe the trusts can ensure that today’s public investments deliver long-term affordability, HPD is seeking expressions of interest from non-profit groups.

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Where Mayor de Blasio’s Rezoning Proposals Stand

Twelve neighborhoods have been spotlighted for possible rezonings under the mayor’s ambitious housing plan. Here’s where the proposals stand.

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De Blasio Admin. Says Housing Plan Serves the Most Burdened; Some Data Says Different

The city says families making between $24,480 and $57,120 are the most rent-burdened. But data we’ve reported on indicates those with incomes under $20,000 have it worse.

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