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The New York City Economic Development Corporation has proposed rezoning parts of Inwood, but is still discussing the proposal with community members.



De Blasio Admin. Report on Housing Options Irks Advocates

The city promised to produce a study exploring housing tools besides mandatory inclusionary zoning. But its long-awaited report is devoted solely to knocking down an idea promoted by housing advocates.

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Clash of Opinions on De Blasio’s Approach to Rezoning

At a panel discussion hosted by City Limits, experts split over the premise and impact of the mayor’s housing and rezoning plan. But they agreed that the planning process could be improved.

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Details Emerge—and Doubts Remain—About Potential Inwood Rezoning

The de Blasio administration embraced a key demand of community stakeholders: that parts of the area be rezoned to protect the current context. But worries remains about what’s planned for other neighborhood sectors.

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Confusion and Worry Over Whether School Seats Will Keep Up With De Blasio Rezonings

Community advocates have been at odds with the city over whether the rezonings will create deeper needs for classroom seats than the city’s school-building plans accommodate.

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