Community groups have been pressing the de Blasio administration to initiate a rezoning of both Chinatown and the Lower East Side based on their vision. In September, the de Blasio administration announced it would launch a planning process that could lead to a rezoning of just Chinatown.



When Rents Rise or Landlords Lash out, Undocumented NYers Have Fewer Options

Undocumented immigrants aren’t eligible for many forms of housing assistance and can be less likely to report landlord harassment. That could make them uniquely vulnerable to the displacement that can come from development.

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From Georgia to NYC: The Civil Rights Roots of Community Land Trusts

A new documentary looks at the rise, fall and rebirth of Georgia’s New Communities, Inc., which aimed to empower Black sharecroppers in the 1960s but might offer lessons for urban dwellers of today.

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Report: Leaders Must Gauge Displacement Risk Before Making Policy

The Regional Plan Association found nearly 1 million people in the metropolitan region are at risk of displacement. Needed are programs to offset development pressure—and more caution about policies that make the pressure worse.

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Community Boards Reflect on their Votes For, and Against, Bloomberg Rezonings

There were good intentions, but some boards and certainly the Bloomberg administration underestimated the threat of gentrification, board members say.

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