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Bushwick Councilmen Antonio Reynoso and Rafael Espinal are working with a steering committee to craft a neighborhood rezoning plan.



Industry’s Future, Stores’ Rent Burden are Key Issues in Possible Bushwick Rezoning

It’s yet unclear in what way the city will adopt or address the Bushwick steering committee’s plan, but both sides expect to be working together in a coordinated fashion.

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Report: Rents Rose, But So Did Poverty

Rates of poverty and poverty concentration have increased in New York City after an earlier decline, according to the Furman Center—and some neighborhoods considering a rezoning experienced increased poverty and rising rents simultaneously.

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Data: Deep Housing Risks in Neighborhoods Facing Rezonings

A new chart shows the kind of factors that can undermine a neighborhood’s affordability, and many of the neighborhoods facing a rezoning already suffer the most risks.

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Stand-Up Desk: Antonio Reynoso Talks About Planning for Bushwick’s Future

The Brooklyn Democrat discusses displacement and development in Bushwick, the community process he helped launch to plan for the neighborhood’s future and the questions all New Yorkers should be asking of their councilmembers.

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