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I’m hiring a new executive assistant to work with me at Habitat NYC. All of the standard details on how to apply follow but I wanted to provide a little color commentary on the, who, what, where, when and why – of what I’m looking for in this important position.


As the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Habitat NYC, you are my right-hand person. Being a CEO is an incredible but also demanding job and the Executive Assistant job is no different. While our office, which is located in the financial district of Manhattan, is open the usual hours one might expect, and the job requirements pretty much align with that timeframe – we are a mission driven organization and from time to time, our days can start early and end late.  You may be required to travel to one of our construction sites across NYC, to our ReStore in Queens or to coordinate a board or committee meeting at one of our board member’s offices or even an informal event in their home.

As the chief support staff member for the CEO, your job duties are pretty much what you might expect. I’m fond of describing this role using a phrase that my Goddaughter used when she was young, “the boss of me” meaning – you would indeed be, the “boss of me” — tracking commitments, ensuring I do what in fact, I said I would do – capturing follow-ups and actions items from any number of meetings, communiques or correspondences and coordinating the practical details involved in engaging the CEO in various cross-cutting divisional initiatives.

A little more color commentary to give you a glimpse behind the curtain:

My schedule can be challenging to manage, but there’s a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. I have given my leadership team direction and authority to engage me rigorously and where needed in meetings inside and outside of the office. I will need you to make sure it all works and that my optimism doesn’t make me (or my leadership team) believe the impossible, i.e. that I can get from the financial district to the Bronx in 5 minutes.
You will keep my calendar in order when sometimes the time slots move so fast it feels more like a video game than a calendar.
You can organize travel and make sure all aspects of trips work seamlessly from start to finish. You know I like aisle seats, what my hotel loyalty card numbers are and that I’m always frantically looking for details like the phone numbers I need in order to reach the people I’m meeting for lunch — and make sure they’re always readily available – oh, and you can make great suggestions as to where to eat lunch or dinner while in Manhattan.
Life is a (allegedly) a balance, meaning that from time to time, I may need your help coordinating the personal side of my calendar – for instance, when I’m trying to hold time for yoga, or get my hair cut, or visit a doctor or coordinate pet care challenges. I won’t ask you to pick up my dry-cleaning, I promise – but I do appreciate an “I got this handled” approach to issues arising that can make being “present & engaged as a CEO” difficult.
The business goals for this position will be the ability to capture content and key points from (any number of) meetings with white board scribble, and translate it onto PowerPoint or Prezi and Excel. The smarter you can make me look or sound, the better.
Also, help me keep the broad range of personalities I work with every day happy and in sync – this position will be a nexus for success of the leadership team and staff; in general, helping to keep the Habitat NYC team as productive and happy as possible! I work for them, so you work for them, too.
This position will be take the lead role in scheduling board and committee and other stakeholder meetings, coordinating some of the busiest people in the city, and then make those meetings seamless technically, logistically, and culinarily  — we like eatin’ meetin’s. It’s also important to track, manage and maintain board meeting content, minutes, business items and other detail. The more familiar you are with Roberts’ Rules, and the quicker you can come up to speed on our board bylaws, the better.
You are:

Professional. Habitat NYC is a fun place, but also a serious business with a lot of moving parts. You know how to have lots of balls in the air that can’t be dropped. You’ve been an executive assistant before in a similar environment.
Unflappable. Crazy things happen. You should be able to pause and laugh at them for a brief second before quickly taking action to make crazy problems disappear seamlessly.
Prioritizing.  You must also know how to prioritize both your time and Karen’s time, and then re-prioritize, because things will start changing from the minute you wake up in the morning. You must be able to negotiate or counter requests with a firm respectful decisiveness. This is not hard (most of the time). You will be working with amazing people.  You’re not a body guard necessarily – but if you were, the bodies you’d be guarding would be Karen’s time and the organization’s momentum.
Passionate about Habitat NYC. To be successful at Habitat NYC you have to believe in what we are doing. In New York City, that also means willing to become knowledgeable in a complex and ever-changing sea of acronyms – who’s who, who they work for – who moved where, where they fit – you get the picture.
Fun.  It isn’t officially memorialized in our organizational values but I talk about this all the time. We spend an awful lot of time doing this important work; it’s complex, difficult and at times chaotic – so we should be having fun doing it. We should laugh more and genuinely try and spend more time being happy.  We have a Happiness Committee – which is pretty cool but having fun, does take planning and dedication to the task but then, it is in fact, fun.
Clear Communicator.  This is an exciting role because you get to work with a ton of different people so, yes … being a people person is definitely a prerequisite. There are hundreds of details to keep track of and communicate to a variety of audiences – internal and external — so, being abundantly good at keeping people up to date – is key.  And staying on top of tools to help us keep track of emerging trends in the city, and fun restaurants for the board dinners to the latest video conferencing software.


Position:  Executive Assistant to the CEO, Office of the CEO, Habitat for Humanity NYC

Reports to:  CEO


Job Overview

The Executive Assistant (EA) is a vital support mechanism for the CEO and is responsible for executing a wide range of administrative, communications and organizational functions within the office of the CEO in support of the activities of the CEO, as well as the organization’s operational and strategic priorities. The EA will perform a wide range of key support functions which will include but may not be limited to scheduling, communication and correspondence, coordination of information sharing across divisions,


The EA will enjoy working in a collaborative environment and will have great exposure to all aspects of this mission-based organization.


Description: Executive Assistant

Job Purpose: The EA works directly with the CEO to communicate and implement the vision and direction for the organization. The EA helps the CEO to articulate, communicate and track progress toward Habitat NYC’s long term vision for success as well as meaningful, measurable shorter term goals. The EA helps the CEO manage tasks as assigned to streamline organization‐wide operations in support of these goals. The EA will help capture, streamline and enhance collaboration among the leadership team by playing a key role foster collaboration and communication across the divisions.   This position plays the lead role in liaising with Staff, Board, committees, volunteers and external partners that assist in the organization’s scope of work.



·         Serve as the liaison between the CEO and Staff

·         Work with the CEO to support the Board and its Committees

·         Work with the CEO/CFO to track, monitor and communicate on key operational priorities of Habitat‐NYC

·         Oversee reporting of organizational metrics to HFHI per various requirements

·         Work with the CFO to manage key aspects relating to Administration

·         Work to ensure good governance and policy development

·         Manage calendar, schedule and support mechanism for the CEO

·         Provide administrative support as needed for the Leadership team

·         Represent the CEO to external partners


Preferred Qualifications & Competencies

·         Relationship management, working collaboratively

·         Experience in excel, outlook, PowerPoint, Prezi or other presentation software’s

·         Strong verbal and written communications skills, persuasive writing

·         Time management, juggling multiple priorities

·         Self-motivated, problem-solver

·         Prior experience in an executive environment an asset



·         Bachelor’s degree required; professional degree preferred

·         Minimum 7+ years professional work experience working for high‐level officials or senior staff in either a direct support or advisory role in management, operations, communications, advocacy or policy.

·         Experience working with, and knowledge of, Non‐Profit Board of Directors.



Commensurate with Experience

Habitat for Humanity New York City is committed to a policy of equal opportunity in all its activities and programs including employment and promotion. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality. Or ethnic, origin, citizenship status religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, physical handicap, veteran, or marital status. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.


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