An image from the website of the NYC Lab Middle School. While some of the schools list their application criteria on their website, there is an overall lack of information on how much weight the schools give to each of the criteria, and how they rank the applications they receive, the CEC says.

Manhattan Parents Press DOE on Middle-School Selection

The effort to compel the DOE to release the information is part of a years’ long effort by the Community Education Council of District 2 to turn what is often an opaque, confusing and infuriating process into one of greater fairness and greater transparency, CEC members say.

De Blasio had been faulted for not having an overarching schools strategy. Wednesday's speech may have put that concern to rest, although critics will now focus on the content of his proposal.

Mayor’s Education Vision Finds Fans

Some saw too much cost. Others not enough charters. But the mayor’s education speech did arrange ambitious proposals within a clear agenda of fighting inequality, and some liked what they heard.